Paranormal Terminology

EVP=Electronic Voice Phenomina

Spirits manipulate electronic devices in order to communicate with us. Many spirit voices are inaudible through normal hearing & many electronic devices enhance what is being said

EMF=Electro Magnetic Field

Several different devices are used by teams to determine the Electro Magnetic Field in locations. Many times spirits or entities use the electro magnetic field to gain strength to make their pressence  known.


Whenever a spirit attempts to materialize an "Apparition" can be captured. Sometimes an apparition may appear as a "Mist" or a "Shadow" or in some instances may take on the shape of a person

Shadow Person

Whenever something appears as a dark mass resembling a person, this is said to be a shadow person. A lot of energy is required for someone in the afterlife to materialize & sometimes a "shadow" is all they can muster. On some occasions these shadows may be evil, but a trained investigator should be consulted before making that assumption.


Orbs are very common in the paranormal field, they are specks of light that show up in some pictures. Most orbs are simply natural...(bugs, dust, water droplets) although some orbs could be paranormal related. Sometimes an Orb may be a spirit attempting to materialize using whatever energy is avail. to them.

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