Investigation Information


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Many people assume that if they see or hear something odd in their home & think possible ghosts..they automatically think of "Demons"...However a Demonic possesion of a home is Extremely rare...Most times people confuse an Angry spirit as being a demon, when in reality they are simply someone that has passed on & are not able to cross over so they make their presence known by moving objects or making loud noises.

These "Angry" spirits are wanting to try to force you out of "their" home because they think you are trespassing.  Many spirits are unaware that they have passed & they need to move on.

It is in these times that your best interest would be to call in a reputable Paranormal Investigative team to assess your possible paranormal activity & to utilize their experience to alleviate your fears. Some spirits may be a loved one that has passed & it only keeping an eye on you for your protection, some spirits may be something else that a well experienced team can determine & help to remedy the issue.

One note of High Importance...NEVER pay a team to investigate, Researching the Paranormal is an ongoing Learning process for All involved & Nothing is guaranteed, but a Well experienced team that has dealt with a variety of spiritual activity are better equipt to deal with your activity

Requesting an Investigation

Should you decide that an investigation is what you'd like..simply contact APER via email at [email protected]  Give us a brief description of what you are experiencing along with your contact information & someone from our team will get back with you within 24 hours to set up a day & time to come meet with you. The entire team will Not show up at your door, but 2 members will...Usually Dave (founder of APER) along with another member to evaluate your home & take basic readings. If an investigation is warranted, we will set up a day (or night) that you would like the team to investigate. We will Not be wearing any clothing with our team name displayed as to not give your neighbors a reason to gossip.

We will have a questionaire for you to fill out regarding your activity. We keep this questionaire for our book keeping records. ALL of your information is kept in Strict Confidence.

Investigation Details


Once discussing the details of the reported activity with the team, & it is decided that an investigation is warranted. Then depending on the size of the location will determine the number of team members attending...an occasional guest may be invited along but Only someone with knowledge of the activity  & an asset to the team.

Depending on reported activity this is a basic breakdown of persons attending:

Small House (1 level)...2-3 investigators

Medium House (2-3 levels)....3-5 investigators

Large House or business....over 3 levels or multiple rooms....Up to 8 investigators

PLEASE keep in mind....It is Your House or business...1 Adult client (18 or over) is permitted to accompany the investigation or remain on site but must adhere to our rules regarding the investigation.

We WILL NOT investigate if there are children under 18 yrs. of age in the home as children are highly succeptable to paranormal activity.  Please have the children stay with Neighbors or relatives during our investigation. We will do everything in our power & knowledge to remove Any unwanted spirits from your home or business.

If needed we can have a member of the clergy on hand at your request.

Once our investigation is complete..depending on the amount of equipment used to document activity. We will require a minimum of 7 days to review evidence & get back with you regarding our findings. If any activity is captured we can have a cd made for your records & present it to you at NO charge